Increase Enrollment, Retention, and Donor-Engagement
with Incentivized Scholarships

Increase Enrollment and Retention By Offering Students More Money

Enrollment and retention are going down and nothing seems to work.

Increased competition and the rise in popularity of more affordable education options means that universities are no longer the only path to a profitable career.

Current students find more and more reasons to leave, and one question they keep asking is, “is the cost worth the education?”


StartNoo can help your university stop the decline, increase enrollment, and increase retention, by offering incentivized scholarships to your students and alumni.

By offering incentivized scholarships, you give your current and prospective students a creative way to finance their education while gaining real-world experience at the same time.

These benefits and more are at your fingertips with StartNoo.

Let’s stop the cost of college from being a barrier to entry and student completion.

Engage Donors and Encourage Giving

Gone are the days of once a year thank you dinners and template thank you letters for donors.

Donors want to see their dollars put to work. Donors want to see impact and how they contribute to enhancing students’ lives.

StartNoo’s incentivized scholarships are your answer.

Donors can finally see how they are doubling impact by helping both students and nonprofits.

Achieve Donor Trust with Transparency

StartNoo gives donors more transparency around the impact of their funds.

Donors can now engage with the students they are helping, see exactly where there money goes, and leverage impact data for ESG disclosures. Now donors have a stronger bond with your campus community.

Voila! Donors are now comfortable with the impact they are making through your university. This increases the likelihood that your donors will give…

again…and again…and again.

Prepare Your Students with Real-World Experience

Incentivized scholarships are the future of

experiential learning.

Students gain real-world experience by working with nonprofits to further charitable causes.

Service opportunities offer students multidisciplinary real world experience. Your students are happier and more confident because now they can graduate with more experience.

Everyone Wins with STARTNOO

We can all win together.

Donors can give to your university and see their impact. Students and alumni can clear debt and tuition balances. Nonprofits can benefit from talented students.

University leadership will be thrilled to watch enrollment, retention, and student completion rates increase because money is less of a barrier for students.

Professors will feel fulfilled knowing that their lessons have come to life through experiential learning.

Your career pipeline partners will be impressed with your students’ resumes.

Your financial aid and bursar offices will be excited that less accounts are in collection because students have access to more money.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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What You Get

Increase Enrollment

When prospective students know they can attend your university, without taking on excessive student loan debt, students are more likely to enroll.

Increase Retention

The cost of education is no longer prohibitive and more students can afford to stay in school.

Eliminate Skills-Gaps

Offering attainable, real-world experience to your students will arm them to be ready for the workforce.

Data and Reporting

Understanding your student body’s impact on the world in detail, and being able to report to stakeholders.

Increase Donor Engagement

Donors see how their generosity doubles impact for students and nonprofits. This encourages repeat donors, and enhances relationships between donors and students.

Create an Inclusive Campus Culture

By reducing the cost of education you allow for the next generation of marginalized students to join an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Volunteer Management System

A university focused VMS allows you to quantify your impact and seamlessly report to key stakeholders.

Seamless Integration

University community can access StartNoo using single sign on.

Incentivized Scholarships

Offering students the opportunity to be rewarded with scholarships based on their impact to the community.


Have more questions?

We’re here to help!

Are universities charged for total enrollment, even if some students don’t qualify for StartNoo?

No. Universities are only charged for enrolled students who qualify for StartNoo, subject to contractual minimums.  

Where does the money for student loans and tuition come from?

There are two ways funding pays for tuition and student loans.

First, the money comes from existing university scholarships. These scholarships are re-executed as service-based scholarships, and donors are invited to engage with students and measure progress.

Second, students can raise donations directly to their profiles. When donors engage with students individually, such donations are not tax-deductible, but donor engagement is the same.

Do university alumni with student loans have access to StartNoo?

Yes. Universities can choose to include alumni.

Where do the service opportunities come from?

The service opportunities are created by StartNoo verified nonprofit organizations. Service opportunities can either happen in person or virtually.

Which students qualify for StartNoo?

Students with a balance on their bursar account or with student loans qualify for StartNoo.

StartNoo defines a bursar balance as the remaining tuition and fees following the application of non-loan financial aid, such as scholarships and grants.

Student loans, for the purposes of StartNoo, are not considered financial aid.

What can donors see?

Donors can see the public profiles of students and nonprofits that they helped.

Donors also have access to a dashboard that provides them with analytics about their contributions, impact and causes.

Is there a mobile or desktop version of StartNoo?

StartNoo is a web-based application using responsive design. This means that the platform can be accessed via mobile, desktop, tablet, or via web browser.

Are there virtual opportunities?

Yes. Virtual service opportunities are available. This extends the reach of a student’s impact.

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